For companies

  • Audio and video to serve your clients.

    AudioCinema offers all of Costa Rica, integral and high fidelity solutions in audio and video systems for all types of business that cater to public and that require a friendly and a pleasant audiovisual atmosphere. Ambiental music, promotions communication and paging, recreational or informative screens, etc.

    No matter what you need, we'll make it happen. Bring us your ideas and needs, and let AudioCinema bring you back the solution.

    • Shops, stores and points of sale.
    • Schools, colleges and universities.
    • Supermarkets.
    • Gyms.
    • Hotels.
    • Malls.
    • Restaurants and bars.


  • Office automation

    AudioCinema offers smart automation systems where you or the meeting leaders can simplify the control and use of the audio and video system of the conference room, auditoriums or meeting rooms, as well as smaller rooms in which you want the audio and video separated for each area.

    The ELAN automation system has the virtue of allowing the grow over time as well as expand the controls, providing remote access and being able to quickly verify multiple locations, facilitating the management of operations in the different spaces.


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