Automation and Control Options?

Yes. All.

At AudioCinema we work with the ELAN automation system to provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive integration and automation system, offering smart high-performance solutions for your home and business, in a single touch.

The ELAN automation system is a reliable, with advanced technology, flexible, very friendly, with independent control of spaces and a user-friendly interface.

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For homes:

• Audio and video equipment
• Projectors and screens
• Domotics (Smart Homes)
• Speakers for gardens
• Headphones and Turntables
• High Definition cabling and connectors
• Residential cinema rooms

For businesses and stores:

• Meeting rooms
• Auditoriums and cinemas
• Audio and video networks
• Projectors and screens
• Domotics (Smart Offices)
• Audio and video for bars and restaurants.

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CEDIA Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association

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